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Terms and conditions

Product availability:

-In Stock: Means that there are two or more units in stock for sale.
-Only 1 in Stock: Means that there is only one unit in stock for sale.
-Other Availability: This means that we do not have immediate stock, with the estimated delivery date indicated on each product. In these cases, the deadline is only an estimate and may change if the manufacturer is not available for delivery.

What is the deadline?

Continental Portugal

Completed and paid orders go online for preparation, the average of this procedure is 24 hours, after this period shipping is carried out by carriers and with an average of 7 working days they are delivered

Portuguese Islands: Completed and paid orders enter the preparation line, the average for this procedure is 24 hours, after this period shipping is carried out by carriers and with an average of 10 to 30 working days they are delivered.

What payment methods can I use?

We have several payment methods to facilitate your purchase. Fast and secure payment methods because trust is the basis of proximity.

Multibanco reference

  • The website will send an entity, a reference and the value of your order to your email, which you can pay at any ATM or Homebanking.
  • Payments via Multibanco Reference do not require sending proof.
  • Eurofertas recommends this payment method for online orders, due to its convenience and faster processing.

MB Way

  • As MB WAY can pay for your order using your mobile phone number associated with this service.
  • Payments via this method do not require sending proof.

Credit card

  • Payment method available for online orders.

Bank transfer

  • Make your payment by bank transfer or direct deposit into our account.
    IBAN - PT50-0033-0000-45538850834-05
  • Whenever possible, indicate the order number as a reference for the transfer or deposit in order to facilitate the process.
  • Please send proof of payment to the email always mentioning the order number, so that we can speed up the order and/or shipping process.
  • Your order will only be processed and/or shipped until confirmation of the amount credited to our account.

Important Note : If any fees are charged through services such as MBWay and Multibanco (Entity/Reference), Credit Card, PayPal are not refundable.

Shipping costs:



A fee applies depending on the characteristics of the items ordered

* Deliveries will only be made by carriers on the ground floor, regardless of whether there is an elevator or not, it is up to the carriers to deliver to upper floors, but we are not responsible for delivery from the ground floor.

Shipping Information

Which carriers do you use for delivery?

Eurofertas uses the carrier CTT - GLS - DPD - DHL - SEUR and others

How can I track my order?

To track your order, you must follow the link we send when your order is shipped.

How should I proceed when receiving the order?

When receiving an order, always check the number of packages and their condition before signing the Transport Guide.

Upon receipt and signature, you must write on the Transport Guide: "Subject to verification". If there is a problem with the merchandise, contact us immediately as the insurance expires within 24 hours of delivery and cannot be claimed.

Eurofertas does not assume any responsibility if:

1st - The merchandise is damaged and does not have "Subject to verification" written upon delivery

2nd - This is not communicated to us within 24 hours of receipt of it

We are not responsible for any damage that may occur during transport of the shipped merchandise. We recommend that this is always checked at the time of delivery in the presence of the courier, that is, if there is any damage/irregularity in the package(s), you should mention and indicate your reservations on the delivery document. In the absence of any type of indication or note on the transport document, Eurofertas declines the right not to accept complaints regarding the non-conformity status of the product(s).

Products information:

-ID - product identification number
-Ref: Reference used on the product invoice
-Available since: Indicates when we have the product for sale in the online store.
-Product prices include VAT at the legal rate in force.

-Rem Articles:
Rem items are products that have already been returned, discontinued or items that are no longer in their original boxes, but in perfect working order, and may only have, although rarely, slight traces of use/testing.
They maintain the 3-year warranty just like a sealed product, at a lower price.

Product Image

Due to possible changes in product suppliers or manufacturers, the images and details on the website may not correspond exactly that of the actual product and the configurations described. Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

Eurofertas declines any responsibility for any errors published on the website.
The photos and details shown may not correspond to the settings described.

If you notice an error in a product (image, description) please contact us via email

Product Price

Eurofertas / Paulo Daier Unip. Lda is not responsible for the supply of products with obvious price errors on the website. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Product Warranty:

Eurofertas provides a 36-month warranty for private customers and 12 months for companies on new equipment, only against manufacturing defects, at no additional cost to our customers, as long as there is no damage/fault due to misuse by the customer.

There are products that are not covered by this extended warranty. This is the case of products that have a reduced lifespan, such as consumables

For whose manufacturer offers a warranty period longer than 3 years, the manufacturer's warranty will still be valid, of course.


RIGHT TO FREE RESOLUTION (Decree Law 24/2014 of 14.02 with the changes introduced by Law nº 47/2014 of 28.07 and DL 78/2018 of 15.10):

If you purchased an item on the Eurofertas website and it is sent by courier, (as a consumer), you have the right to a resolution/return within 14 days following the purchase (commonly known as the reflection period), during which you can return the item( s) article(s) without the need to indicate a reason (according to article 10 of the aforementioned DL) whose deadline begins on the date of receipt of the material.

In cases of free Contract Resolution, the return shipping costs are the responsibility of the consumer, as stipulated in paragraph 2 of article 13 of the aforementioned DL) and the shipping value paid on the order is not credited, and the return must be made on maximum period of 14 days from the date of communication by the consumer of resolution/return.

In the free Termination of Contract on orders placed in which the customer enjoys free shipping, the return charges are the responsibility of the consumer and the shipping costs initially offered but which were effectively borne by Eurofertas are charged, through the issuance of an invoice, and the respective value deducted from the amount to be returned. Legal right recognized for consumers (individuals who use the services for non-professional purposes).

  1. Conditions for accepting Returns/Exchanges:

Although returns/exchanges are accepted within the first 14 days for distance purchases (as described above), returned goods will only be accepted if they meet the following conditions:

1.1. The returned item must be intact and without any signs/damage from use.
1.2. You will have to return the item together with its packaging, manuals and immaculate accessories.

1.3. Along with the returned item, you will have to attach the invoice containing that same item.

1.4. Items that are sold in Kits or Packs will only be returned in the same way.

In case of violation of any of these points, we will not be able to accept a return (and the consequent refund) or exchange.

  1. Products NOT accepted for Returns/Exchanges:

(Exceptions to the right of free resolution):

Unless there is a technical anomaly, the consumer cannot freely terminate the contract and return/exchange the goods in the following cases:

2.1. Sealed items that cannot be returned for reasons of health protection or hygiene;

2.2. Items that, due to their nature, cannot be resent or are likely to deteriorate, or become quickly out of date;

2.3. Sealed audio or video articles/recordings or sealed computer programs, from which the consumer has removed the inviolability guarantee seal;

Examples of the articles referenced above are earphones, headphones, headsets, batteries, laser optics, consumables/wear products, cleaning products or software.

2.4. Supply of goods made according to consumer specifications or clearly personalized;

2.5. SPECIAL CUSTOMER REQUEST: After Eurofertas, place an order for a product(s) from the supplier(s) at the special request of a customer, relating to one or more product(s) that are not available in stock, in accordance with the specifications or specific needs of that customer, it is not responsible for non-satisfaction with the product(s), with its return/exchange automatically refused, in these cases consisting of the consumer recognizing the loss of the right to free resolution (since there was information/acceptance/agreement on the characteristics/ specifications of the product(s).)

  1. Return refund methods:

In case of return of the product purchased online, with the customer entitled to a refund, Eurofertas will refund the amount paid for the item as soon as a technical check of the condition of the product has been carried out and verification of compliance with the conditions described above (Point 1).

  1. Start the Return/Exchange process:

To exercise the right of withdrawal/refund, it is up to the customer to notify Eurofertas , sending an unequivocal statement (e.g. in a postal letter to the company's headquarters or to the email , attesting to their intention to terminate this contract, if the order was placed on a marketplace, all contact must be made by that marketplace.

Returns are only accepted for items purchased as new, without any type of risk/damage or signs of use, whether on the main item and/or its components.

The original packaging must be complete with all its components/accessories and must not be altered, damaged or scratched and must be accompanied by the respective purchase invoice.

Paulo Daier Unipessoal, Lda.
Av 31 January 55
Saint Lazarus

Otherwise the return may not be accepted.

Any type of cost inherent to the return of goods, in the event of exercising the right of free resolution, is the responsibility of the customer.

Returns must always be sent to the address indicated, by Registered Mail or another transport entity that guarantees delivery to the address indicated by Eurofertas.

Eurofertas does not collect merchandise that requires travel, whether to post offices or other institutions.

Eurofertas does not accept material sent for collection. If this happens, your reception will be refused.

After receiving the item(s) at our facilities and checking their condition, we will refund the amount paid. If desired, the customer may choose to exchange for another item(s).

To return the item(s), the customer must take the following into account:

- If it is found that the item(s) purchased for return do not meet the requirements outlined above, the return will not be accepted, and the customer will lose the right to a refund, having 10 days from the communication of non-acceptance by the party Eurofertas to collect the same(s) from our facilities, with the collection costs being borne by them.

Important Note : all fees charged through services such as MBWay and Multibanco (Entity/Reference), Credit Card, PayPal are non-refundable.

5. If the Paypal system does not generate fees for the purchase, and the customer returns products, the amount charged by Paypal to Eurofertas , plus VAT, will be invoiced and deducted from the return.


Under the terms and in compliance with the provisions of Law no. 144/2015, of 08.09, Eurofertas provides the necessary information so that the consumer customer can exercise their right to complain to an official, third and impartial entity that will help them to resolve the dispute in question

Alternative dispute resolution is the possibility that all consumers have at their disposal of turning to official entities to help them resolve, or provide guidance on, a conflict, before opening litigation in the Courts.

As a rule, the procedure can be described as follows:

1) The consumer customer asks an impartial third party to act as an intermediary between him and the supplier or service provider who is the target of his complaint.

2) The intermediary can suggest a solution to your complaint, impose a solution on both parties, or bring the parties together to find a solution.

Alternative dispute resolution can be translated into "mediation", "conciliation" or "arbitration".

Alternative dispute resolution is, as a rule, less expensive, less formal and faster than the judicial route.

As this sales site is online, the Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center corresponding to the consumer's domicile is competent.

Therefore, in the event of a consumer dispute, the consumer can use the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform, available at

Eurofertas provides the address to access alternative consumer dispute resolution entities and their respective contacts:


Information about orders and contractual conclusion

Technical steps of the ordering process

  • After adding the product(s) to the shopping cart, press the “Checkout” button
  • Forwarding to the order overview page (Cart), where you carry out the various individual purchase steps
  • Step 1 Selecting “Shipping details”
    - If you want an invoice with a taxpayer number, put the checkmark “Fill out billing details” and the field to fill in the billing details will appear.
  • Step 2 Shipping method, you can select collection from one of our stores
  • Step 3 Selecting the “Payment method” (by clicking on the desired payment method)
  • Step 4 Order confirmation by clicking on the “Confirm Order” option

Identifying and reporting input errors

Before completing the order process in a binding manner, at any time during the order process, you can rectify the data entered using the keyboard or mouse functions. During the ordering process, you can also make corrections.

Contract language

The ordering process and contractual conclusion are carried out in Portuguese.

Online Complaints Book:


Go to the online complaints book

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